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    Number 3: Mimicries

    Effects Journal


    Effects 3 explores the concept of mimicry. The issue is edited by Jeffrey Stuker and Jan Tumlir and follows their seminar, 'The Mimetic Impulse', given at The Public School in LA in 2019. The issue brings to light the underground histories and present vitality of the concept of mimicry, opposing it to the more well known aesthetic idea of mimesis. The issue contains essays on mimicry by Nidesh Lawtoo, Ani Maitra, Patrick R. Crowley, Seth Barry Watter and Lauren Mackler; a newly translated interview with the great theorist of mimicry, Roger Caillois; interviews with Jeremy Deller and Jeff Wall; artworks that explore mimicry in various ways by Arthur Jafa, Buck Ellison, Lynne Marsh, Clementine Keith-Roach, Victoria Gitman, Judie Bamber, Hedi El Kholti and Jeff Wall; experimental writing on mimicry by Lakshmi Luthra, Thomas Hutton and Christopher Page; a new poem by Christopher Carlton; and an ABC of mimicry by Jeffrey Stuker and Jan Tumlir.

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    240 x 180 mm

    Effects Journal