• Effects Journal

    Number 1

    Effects Journal 


    Effects Number 1, published in January 2018, looks at the interplay of surface and structure in art. This issue includes new drawings by Thomas Hutton; an atlas of breast prostheses by Clementine Keith-Roach; new fetishes by Lakshmi Luthra; images of Takht-e Jamshid by Kevin Beasley; a special hotline by Nancy Lupo; a tableau of new sculptures by Dwyer Kilcollin; gouaches by Patricia Treib; “noo-power” paintings by David Whelan; short stories by Stacie Vos on cakes and cosmetics; poems by Aisha Sasha John on bagels and soft dictates, and Oliver Southall on orchids and ontology; a long poem by Florence Uniacke on the refugee camps in Lesvos; essays by Esther Leslie and Melanie Jackson on the social functions and fantasy life of milk, Nicolas G. Miller on the industrial sexuality of a Charles Ray sculpture, Christopher Page on the lure of images, Christopher Carlton of the new Blade Runner, Orlando Reade on the art of the migration crisis, Matt Rickard on the poetry of J.H. Prynne and particle physics, and Jeffrey Stuker on rare jewels and the conceptual art of Silvia Kolbowski.



    240 x 180 mm



    Effects Journal