High Noon: Christopher Page

19 May - 7 July 2017
Installation Views
Press release

Hunter / Whitfield is pleased to present Christopher Page’s second solo exhibition with the gallery: HIGH NOON. This new body work distils and amplifies the core concerns that drive Page’s (psycho-)analytic approach to painting. Page’s work engages with the principles of painting – depth/flatness, colour/composition, frame/architecture – via a contemporary prism in which ‘abstraction’ has lost its innocence and in which colour is no longer pure.


The paintings in the show have in common a paired-back visual language, but conjure space and light within themselves in very different ways. Of the two works that employ pink in their centres –facing each other across the room – we see that the large two-panel work, Lapsus, appears to have a glassy surface, a soft light playing delicately across it; the smaller painting, Flood, has a flat and powerfully bright interior which shines out at the viewer like a blank digital screen.


The way these works attract and repel the gaze of the viewer goes to their paradoxical heart; each work strongly frames the viewer’s vision, employing hard-edged composition and distinct colours. But the paintings also engage in a kind of displacement: by means of illusionistic paintwork they suggest a light source elsewhere and produce a sense of confusion as to whether one is looking at or through their surfaces.

Painting has always tried to capture the light of the sun. But the light in these paintings is something quite other than those fearsome noon rays. It is an abstract and simulated light; a disembodied, purely visual light; a light of desire and consumption: a light without heat.


Christopher Page lives and works in Athens. Page received his MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Yale School of Art. Recent solo exhibitions include Dawn at Hunter / Whitfield, London; Exterior. (Morning.), at UNIT9, London; and Nocturne at Lord Ludd, Philadelphia. Recent group shows include The National or the Skip at the Averard Hotel (Slate Projects), London and Creative Operational Solutions at Para Site, Hong Kong. Recent residencies include Instituto Inclusartiz, Rio de Janeiro and the Container Artist Residency 01, travelling from Athens to New York by container ship.